B2B Web sites
Various B2B websites. This is part of our core business. Translating brand identities in to online experiences. Design, concept: Marc Posch marcposchdesign.com
eCommerce web sites
Shugar Soapworks, a soap manufacturer in downtown LA  came to us for a website design. The brief was to replace a tired looking existing site. The owner, Dan Shugar, wanted a website that was modern and clean, yet showcased their products to potential customers in a captivating way. Along with the usual brochure styling and information, they also need some complex applications on their website; a shop that would allow purchasing seasonal gift boxes and other items. In addition, we launched a Social Media/PR campaign which attracted 30,000 followers in only 3 months. The project was so successful that the store sold out several times and had to be shut down. We are currently in the process of restructuring the site to accommodate the increased traffic.
Amauri USA found us on Google and commissioned us to create a clean and modern looking new website for their patio umbrella business. The brief was to create a “California” brand. We helped them build a site mostly with stock photos and superimposed product shots. Based on that photo material, we also created a product brochure and trade show material. It took us roughly 3 months to accomplish all this, starting with a visit to a warehouse in Orange County and the bold vision of the company founder, Josh Tung. The campaign is something I am very proud of.
Santo Diablo Mezcal was one of our favorite projects last summer. After all, how often does it happen that a client comes trough the door with a bottle of fine crafted and barrel aged Mezcal from the region or Oaxaca and asks us to create a brand for this baby. We created the name “Santo Diablo”, designed a unique label with an artisanal flavor, and presented it with a sexy marketing campaign. Did I mention that we loved this project?
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