Strategy delivers clarity. Design brings it to life.

Our creative business covers three key segments: Brand Consulting (Research, Strategy), Brand Development (Creative) and Digital Branding (Web Development, Digital Marketing). While designed to complement each other, each module can be booked individually. 
Our goal is to bring a fresh perspective to common problems and an unbiased big-picture view to pressing questions: How can we sell more? How can we expand our audience? Introduce a challenger product? Tap into a new market?
As a strategic branding and design team in Los Angeles with partners in Munich and Paris, we tailor corporate brand concepts for clients in the United States as well as in Europe and/or Asia. Our industry expertise spans from Automotive, IT, Media, to Health and Hospitality sectors. We deliver creative ideas and design that both communicates and captivates.
If you like to learn more about us give us a call: +1.213.446.7986 (PT) or send an email
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Opus Core Capabilities
First, through a face-to-face discovery workshop, we determine where your brand stands in the eyes of the consumer and what it communicates. This may include market research. We reveal its “brand story,” its essence. Armed with that awareness, your business can communicate its brand story to your customers (and team) with more focus and clarity. As a result, utilizing marketing providers (website, social media, trade shows) will become less arduous and more effective. If you’d like to learn more about us give us a call: +213.446.7986 (PT)
· Market research
· Communication strategy and development
· Visual identity and logotypes
· Corporate and product names
· Naming/Naming systems
· Product Branding/Packaging
Digital Marketing
· Web development
· Shop development
· Digital campaigns
Investor Presentation
· Powerpoint/Keynote, collateral
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