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Marc Posch + Partner is a branding and design agency in Los Angeles that works with founders, leaders, and innovation teams in times of transition and growth. Together, we transform ideas into brands worth rallying around and energize salespeople. Sleeves up, coffee in, Zoom on. Let's go.
Success takes partners
That's why we are a fluid agency. Independent and agile. Depending on the size or scope of a project, we can be one expert, one consultant, an art director and a copywriter or programmer, or all combined. 
With Hawke Media as a key strategic local partner, we can deliver services and results beyond branding and design (our forte). Hawke brings solid expertise in the digital marketing realm, which is essential for connecting with customers. After all, what good is a brand without people knowing about it?
Still, whether we work independently or fight together, we are all connected by the same motivation: to unveil authentic stories, visuals, and strategies, help find investor money, transform established companies, and support the sales teams to sell more.

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Los Angeles

MARC POSCH, Owner, Brand Architect

creative director Marc Posch has shaped many companies' brands, ranging from tech startups to international organizations. As the founder and driving force behind Marc Posch + Partner, he is passionate about applying the power of story, deep industry expertise, and visual design to shape identities, uncover purpose, and ignite sustainable growth. His philosophy is best described as follows: We thrive on being a team whose spirit of creativity and social responsibility invites and inspires people to work with us. We create the world we want to live in. 

We grow when we embrace curiosity. We win when we change a trajectory. We evolve when we move from "why" to "why not". From fast to far. That’s what opens up new territories, new opportunities, the doors to innovation. That’s where we serve as creatives. With experience, wisdom and with passion. That’s our sweet spot.
PETER SCHEER, Brand Consulting, Strategy
Peter is our man in Europe. He brings deep experience in international tech industries e.g., automotive, digital economy (software, hardware, solutions), embedded computing, mechanical engineering, additive manufacturing, building automation, energy, printing technologies, and related technology sectors, as well as financial services and reinsurance. Peter is also an expert on employer branding and recruiting campaigns.
Marc Posch: Technology Is In My DNA
Green-Tech, Information Technology, New Mobility, AI... name it; I like it. I grew up in Germany in a small town near Stuttgart. It’s a region saturated with tech and manufacturing. And with the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, in our backyard, and Mercedes with its suppliers everywhere, it was hard not to be influenced by the auto industry. 

Later, when I lived in Munich, a city with BMW as the driving engine of its economy, you couldn’t find a design firm or advertising agency that didn’t work for the auto industry or its suppliers in some way. This is where my roots are. 

Now add a father, a planning engineer, and a consultant for the World Bank, who oversaw the construction of power plants in developing countries, from the Middle East to China. The fascination for innovation was pretty much baked into my DNA. 

And it is still something that gets me going every day: being at the forefront of innovation, engaging with people who can dream up tomorrow, who search for solutions to the problems our world is facing, people who don’t just ask “why," but also “why not?"
Expand your leadership in Green Tech, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and innovative foods. We bring clarity to your message, promote the hell out of your services, and make your products look amazing.
Well-designed products sell more. But you knew that already. What are you waiting for? Call us: +1-213-446-7986
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