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Sales' Best Friend: Packaging Design That Stands Out
In the dynamic world of retail, your product's packaging is the unsung hero that can make or break its destiny. From exquisite jewelry to premium liquor and aromatic coffee, the art of presentation can be your ultimate game-changer, influencing every shopper's buying decision, often on a subconscious level.
A compelling design that not only elevates your product's worth but also entices potential buyers like never before. It's a silent storyteller, revealing your brand's identity and showcasing its unique features. Imagine a sleek, modern design exuding innovation and quality, or a classic, timeless one that tugs at heartstrings and nostalgia. 
The right design isn't just visually pleasing; it's a strategic choice that amplifies functionality and user-friendliness.
Below are a few products we created in recent years.
Joe Peña's Cantina y Bar Franchise. A popular Mexican restaurant chain in Europe that was created in 1987 and has grown substantially over the years. We were hired from its early beginnings until today to continually update their brand experience. The current version features AI generated illustrations around Mexican icons, holidays and popular events. 
EXPERTISE: Brand consulting and development, logo design, packaging design, website development
Zweet Cafe, Los Angeles. We were approached by the owners to help them translate some beautiful architectural renderings of a new coffee shop into a brand identity and packaging concept.

Located in the heart of Eagle Rock, right next to Occidental College (where Barack Obama spent his LA college years), the location asked for a young and sophisticated look and feel. The theme of this coffee shop was to offer a global experience by serving coffees from five continents and food from various cultures.

We hired South African artist Pinky to paint the walls in his typical style, transforming the restaurant into a warm, joyful, and friendly place for people to spend time with friends or study. The successful concept helped Zweet Cafe become a beacon in Eagle Rock and a popular destination for the Oxi crowd and its neighbors.
EXPERTISE: Brand consulting and development, logo design, packaging design
Zweet Cafe: Brand identity for coffeeshop, designed by Marc Posch
Zweet Cafe: Brand identity for coffeeshop, designed by Marc Posch
Zweet Cafe: Brand identity for coffeeshop, designed by Marc Posch
SUPERSMART  A nutraceutical company from Luxembourg asked us to streamline the packaging design of their products, including a new company logo. Below are a few images from the design process. What is always important to me is finding a core message for whatever project we work on. "Add Life to Yor Years. Add Years to Your Life" seemed like the perfect battle cry for this company as it tries to expand its market share. 
EXPERTISE: Brand development, logo design, packaging
KAVANA HEALTH In an industry just beginning to understand its place in the health and wellness world, Kavana Health is a leading CBD ingredient and product manufacturer, vertically integrated from seed to finished products. We are proud to have been selected as their brand and marketing partner. Thanks to our team, in particular Jill, Cameron, and Ian, for helping me put this together. 
EXPERTISE: Brand development, logo design, web development, marketing
Santo Diablo Mezcal was one of our favorite projects last summer. After all, how often does it happen that a client comes through the door with a bottle of fine-crafted and barrel-aged Mezcal from the region of Oaxaca and asks us to develop a brand for this baby, starting with naming to logo design and packaging? We created the name “Santo Diablo,” designed a unique label with an artisanal flavor, and presented it with a sexy marketing campaign. Did I mention that we loved this project? Salud!
EXPERTISE: Naming, brand development, logo design, packaging design
Santo Diablo: Brand identity for Mezcal liquor, designed by Marc Posch
Miami Candy: Design concept for a line of jewelry. The project included a comprehensive study of a certain market segment. Various names and packaging concepts were developed. (Client: TSL Jewellery, Hong Kong)
EXPERTISE: Brand development, logo design, packaging design
Jewelry packaging
Eden On Brand: Design concept and brand identity for an upscale restaurant in Glendale, CA. 
I see it as my job to provide elegant and compelling visuals that support sales and actively engage in high-level strategic decisions that help our clients set the course for growth and expansion by building a solid brand - and then setting it on fire.
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Restaurant logo, designed by Marc Posch
Various Restaurant Brands
Various restaurant logos
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At the intersection of creativity and business, we serve entrepreneurs in the retail and hospitality sectors by not only creating exceptional products but also by successfully launching compelling brands.
We understand that a vision is only as potent as the packaging that sells it, a truth we've witnessed time and again. Embarking on the journey of discovering what makes a restaurant or bar truly unique is always an exhilarating adventure.
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