Joe Peña's Cantina & Bar: Re-branding of a restaurant franchise in Europe with the help of GenAI
Fondly known as "Joe's"  by its loyal customers, this cherished restaurant brand originated in Munich in 1987 and has since flourished into a network of 10 establishments in Southern Germany. However, as the franchise expanded, the essence of its brand message and presentation began to lose some of its original charm. In response to this, the owner approached us to breathe new life into Joe Peña's, reimagining both its design and positioning beyond the typical Tex-Mex stereotype.
Our mission was to convey a more diverse culinary experience, showcasing the myriad flavors and cuisines that Mexico has to offer. Through collaboration with Generative AI, we crafted a refined presentation of their products, a fresh logo, and an innovative brand concept tailored for both print and web. Generative AI played a pivotal role, enabling us to create stunning images featuring Mexican cultural icons, resulting in a visual representation that captures the essence of the brand.
The outcome is a beautiful and proud manifestation of their vision, a revitalized brand identity that not only resonates with their existing customer base but also positions them for future growth. We are honored to have played a role in this crucial phase of Joe Peña's journey and are excited to see how this rebranding will propel them forward. 
Salud and cheers to Joe's, a place where the rich tapestry of Mexican flavors comes to life!
Our Process
When we engage with a new project, the first step is to discuss the situation a client may be in and what problems need to be solved. Design, to us, is more than just a visual discipline. Our process often touches on issues that require a change of thinking or calibration of goals and efforts that eventually lead to the desired outcome; often, it unveils a need for innovation. 
If you decide to work with us, expect four phases: Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver. Each serves as a stepping stone toward a solution. It delivers clarity around a brand message and a visual language that helps to stand out in a crowded field. 
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