Branding: Transforming an Int. Business Organization

PARIS/FRANCE A project that kept us busy (and excited) for over a year. While I cannot reveal the organization's name (we're under NDA), I can still talk about the process. We were hired to examine the various presentations of a company based in Paris that has been around for over 100 years, boasting dozens of departments and offices worldwide. Despite operating somewhat independently, there was a need for a cohesive and unifying brand message to present the company as a whole, addressing the challenges ahead and the imperative to grow and expand into emerging markets.
We quickly identified a prevailing stigma of "Male, Pale, Yale" hindering their growth. With global markets gaining significance and new entrants seeking a place at the table, the outdated paradigm of "West vs. the Rest" is no longer sustainable. Customers and clients in emerging countries are demanding to be treated as equal partners, rejecting a post-colonial attitude.
Our mission became transforming the organization from a European legacy consulting firm into a global powerhouse with a forward-looking attitude and values centered around respect for other cultures. We successfully extracted and translated the new vision into a visual language that permeated the entire organization.
THE RESULT: Two years later  the organization hired a full-time consultant for compliance and cultural affairs.
It was a very transformative project, not only for the client but also for us. We recognized that we had to change too to remain relevant and move from visual design to a new definition of brand development: Consulting based on experience, accumulated industry expertise, and creativity that promotes innovation and growth. 
Our Process
When we engage with a new project, the first step is to discuss a client's situation and what problems need to be solved. Design, to us, is more than just a visual discipline. Our braanding process often touches on issues that require a change of thinking or calibration of goals and efforts that eventually lead to the desired outcome; often, it unveils a need for innovation. 
If you decide to work with us, expect four phases: Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver. Each serves as a stepping stone toward a solution. It delivers clarity around a brand message and a visual language that helps to stand out in a crowded field. 

Marc Posch + Partner: We work with leaders and visionaries in the technology and manufacturing sectors to bring clarity to their message, promote their services and make their products look amazing. Did I mention that well-designed products sell more? To contact us, click here
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