Our Creative Process:
Now, Then How 
Sure, we've got a process for creating things (see below). Every agency worth its salt should have one, right? However, that's not what sets us apart. My mantra is "Now, then How". It means that the best ideas often spring from intuition, in conversations, seemingly out of nowhere – out of Now.
My philosophy? Let's not overcomplicate things. Let's just dive in, explore, and watch everything fall into place. That's how innovation unfolds: assembling the parachute while taking the leap. Now breeds innovation. How makes it happen. We've successfully done this countless times, and it consistently leads to great results. It's a magical process. So, let's get to it. Now.
Here's how "How" works: Define, Design, and Deliver. Each serves as a stepping stone toward a solution. It delivers clarity around a brand message and a visual language that helps you to grow your business. Because at the end of the day, it's not about what we make; it's about what we make happen.
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Service Packages
Package A (Brand consulting, design) 
Building a brand system that delivers clarity around how to attract your ideal customers or investors
Create brand identity 
Build brand visuals - look and feel
Brand guidelines
Create target audience 
Market research 
Package B (Channel management)
Creating a digital marketing strategy to reach targeted audiences
Competitive analysis 
Market Research 
Proposed Budget 
Bi-Weekly Reporting 
Paid media 
​​​​​​​Package C (A+B, Build, measure, grow)
Build a brand system to attract your ideal customers and utilize the right marketing strategy to achieve goals.
Create brand identity
Create brand visuals/standards 
Create advertising budget  
Conduct market research 
Identify key marketing channels to reach potential customers 
Collaborative digital and direct strategy
Paid and organic channel management 
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Branding Creates, Marketing Sells: Our Capabilities
From Brand Story to Future Story
Everything starts with a conversation. It's a face-to-face discovery workshop that helps to determine where your brand stands in the eyes of the consumer and what it communicates. This may include market research. We discuss the “Brand Story,” the essence of a brand, the Status Quo. But mostly we try to uncover your "Future Story". Armed with that awareness, your business can engage with your customers (and team) with more focus and clarity. As a result, marketing (website, social media, trade shows) will become less arduous and more effective - and exciting! 
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Brand Development
· Communication strategy
· Visual identity and logotypes
· Corporate and product names
· Naming/Naming systems
· Product branding/packaging
Digital Marketing
· Web development
· Shop development
· Social Media campaigns/content
· Influencer marketing
Investor Presentation
· Powerpoint/Keynote, collateral
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