Energizing the Future: Building Chargie's Brand to Attract Investors
CHARGIE INTELLIGENT ENERGY The EV market is expected to grow significantly in Europe and the US in the next couple of years. A software company born from vast real estate and sustainable energy experience, California-based Chargie is poised to become a key player by developing and introducing smart charging systems.
As a first step, we were hired to provide a blueprint for growth by structuring and organizing their brand identity guidelines. Creating clarity around their brand message is crucial for Chargie to attract investors who are looking for innovative solutions in the EV market. A clear and compelling brand message not only highlights Chargie's unique value proposition but also builds trust and credibility, making it easier to secure the necessary funding for expansion.
When working on a project like this, our principle is always "Simply, Amplify." Simplify creates a unique and genuine brand message, while Amplify, the marketing side, helps "spread the word". It's the Yin and Yang of intelligent communication.
Our Process
When we engage with a new branding or design project, the first step is to discuss the situation a client may be in and what problems need to be solved. Design, to us, is more than just a visual discipline. Our process often touches on issues that require a change of thinking or calibration of goals and efforts that eventually lead to the desired outcome; often, it unveils a need for innovation. 
If you decide to work with us, expect four phases: Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver. Each serves as a stepping stone toward a solution. It delivers clarity around a brand message and a visual language that helps to stand out in a crowded field. 
Marc Posch+Partner: We work with leaders and visionaries in emerging technology and manufacturing sectors to bring clarity to their message, promote their services and make their products look amazing. Did I mention that well-designed products sell more? To contact us, click here
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