Branding Case Study: Leolo IT, Data Systems
LEOLO IT: Pioneers in Big Data Excellence
In the fast-paced world of tech, one company stands out— LEOLO IT. They are the trailblazers who foresaw the global need for cutting-edge Big Data management systems. Their unwavering mission? To ensure their clients' data runs securely and seamlessly on IBM Informix platforms.
Journey of Transformation: From Humble Beginnings to European Dominance
Our partnership with LEOLO IT spans many years, evolving from day one when they were just a budding tech company. Today, they proudly hold the title of the leading IBM Informix powerhouse in Europe. As their dedicated design and marketing partner, we've been on this remarkable journey every step of the way.
The Pillars of Our Brand
At the heart of LEOLO IT lies a set of values that define their brand - trustworthiness, reliability, and forward-thinking. These values are more than just words; they are the essence of a remarkable brand identity that narrates the incredible story of LEOLO IT's relationship with its clients.
Unveiling Excellence: A Visual Odyssey
From brand identity to web development to product design, we've crafted a captivating visual narrative that places innovation and consistency front and center. Our design doesn't just tell a story; it captivates and mesmerizes, leaving an indelible mark.
The Outcome: A European Brand of Distinction
A sophisticated and elegant European brand that resonates with a diverse audience. LEOLO IT's dynamic and innovative culture now shines brightly on the global stage. This young tech company from Bavaria has risen to become the undisputed leader in the IBM Informix realm in Europe.
LEOLO IT – where excellence meets innovation, and where your data finds its secure home. Join us on this remarkable journey of tech mastery.
Below: Various campaign motifs and landing pages
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