DesignThinking: Solving Problems Creatively
A concept that helps us to help organizations solve problems
It was in the 70s when a group of creatives developed a new framework for design and marketing with a more human-centric focus: Design Thinking. While today this often means different things to different people, we like to see it as the Right Brain component of a brand development process, as the structural and philosophical scaffolding that brings clarity to a project and allows the creation of a brand story and captivating visuals.

A problem-solving method that puts the consumer's needs and wants first.
It involves empathy, observing how people interact with their environments, and creating innovative solutions through an iterative process. This approach is "human-centered," meaning it focuses on how consumers use a product or service rather than assumptions about how they will use it. 
Design Thinking is essential because it helps us to help organizations create value for consumers, solve complex problems, lead to more innovative solutions, and make organizations run more efficiently. It follows a proven process: empathizing, defining the problem, ideating, prototyping, and testing. It is widely used in private and public sectors for business and personal projects. It's also a process that creates systemic design solutions that can be applied internally and externally.
Systemic design can be very impactful, with the capability to connect silos and sectors. Not just as a drum to sell more stuff but as a finely tuned violin, an instrument to influence people’s hearts and minds.​​​​​​​
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Strategy Delivers Clarity; Design Adds Excitement.
Expertise is paramount, particularly when collaborating with companies in the tech, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors. Our primary focus revolves around helping  companies define their unique brand narratives and paving the way for sustainable growth in the Digital era.
Our business encompasses three key segments: Consulting, Brand Development, and Creative services. These segments are designed to complement each other, providing a synergistic approach for maximum impact. However, each module is also available "à la carte," allowing you to select and tailor the specific services needed to achieve your desired results.
We cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from startups refining their vision to established companies seeking to fine-tune their brand messaging and appearance. Our mission is consistently centered on offering a fresh perspective to common challenges. We provide an unbiased, high-level view of the issues a company may grapple with, such as increasing sales, expanding their audience, introducing challenger products, or tapping into new markets.
As a branding and design team based in Los Angeles, serving as Creative Business Consultants, we specialize in building B2B and consumer brands that thrive on both sides of the Atlantic. With a strategic approach that delivers clarity and design that adds excitement. 
The New Role Of The Designer
​​​​​​​Today, designers have a critical role to play. Design builds a bridge between technical innovation and its application. And this is where it gets essential, not just in their application to the marketplace by introducing new products or services but also in their ability to promote change by making complex things understandable and relatable. Systemic design can be very impactful, with the capability to connect silos and sectors. Not just as a drum to sell more stuff, but as a finely tuned violin, an instrument to influence people’s hearts and minds. 
• We are valued for creative thinking as the driving force behind innovation
• Innovation requires a "Think Dangerously, act Responsibly" mindset. No guts, no Golden Globe.
• We use technology to augment our creative skills 
• Our strength rests on our role as a node in a curated network of professional talent around the globe 
• With our commitment to consistent reinvention, we have become agents of change in a fast-changing world 
• Our clients expect us to challenge them by respecting what they want and suggesting what they need.​​​​​​​
Now It's Your Turn
Expand your leadership in technology and manufacturing with us. We bring clarity to your message, promote your services, and make you and your products look amazing. Well-designed products sell more. Companies with a clear purpose have happy employees. Contact us.
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