How to create a powerhouse brand in the age of the Information Economy. The secrets behind today’s most spectacular success stories. 
Book cover "The Million Dollar Brand"
The Missing Brand Manual
In a world where Million Dollar - and even Billion Dollar - brands emerge with astonishing speed, it's clear that there's a missing piece in the brand-building puzzle. The days of waiting for years to see significant returns are over. This phenomenon isn't solely the result of luck or relentless effort; it's a paradigm shift that now serves as a vital catalyst, even a shortcut, for igniting exponential growth. With a track record of crafting over 300 influential brands, we've witnessed this transformative power time and time again.
Becoming a Million Dollar Brand no longer hinges on a storied legacy; instead, it hinges on the precision of your strategy and the innovation of your mindset. Within the pages of this publication, we unveil the blueprint to place your brand firmly on the express lane to success.

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If you run or manage an emerging tech or manufacturing company, let us show you how to accelerate your brand and set it on fire. Also available as a Kindle book, Get it here
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