How to create a powerhouse brand in the age of the Information Economy. The secrets behind today’s most spectacular success stories. 
Book cover "The Million Dollar Brand"
The missing brand manual
A new generation of Million Dollar - even Billion Dollar - brands has risen within short periods. Fortunes are made practically overnight. And it's neither luck nor hard work alone that made it happen. It's a new paradigm that has become a key factor - even a shortcut - to initiate growth. Having created over 300 brands, we have seen it over and over. It doesn't take a legacy to become a Million Dollar Brand, but it takes the right strategy and the right thinking. This publication will show you how to set your brand on that fast track to success.
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If you run or manage an emerging tech or manufacturing company, let us show you how to accelerate your brand and set it on fire. Also available as a Kindle book, Get it here​​​​​​​
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