CStreet Ventures Brand Identity

C STREET VENTURES A brand identity we created for a young venture capital company in San Francisco. It's an identity that asks for simplicity and muted colors. They wanted something subtle and elegant, a design that conveys trust and reliability with a "Free California Spirit" flavor woven into it. The result is one of my favorite brand identities.
When we engage with a new project, the first step is always to discuss the client's situation and what problems need to be solved. Design, to us, is more than just a visual discipline. Our process often touches on issues that require a change of thinking or calibration of goals and efforts that eventually lead to the desired outcome and often unveil a need for innovation. 
If you decide to work with us, expect four phases: Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver. Each serves as a stepping stone toward a solution. It delivers clarity around a brand message and a visual language that helps to stand out in a crowded field. 
(Below is a mood board from phase two, Define)
Marc Posch Design: We work with leaders and visionaries in the technology and manufacturing sectors to bring clarity to their message, promote their services and make their products look amazing. Did I mention that well-designed products sell more? To contact us, click here
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