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PARTNER (08/23)  Marc Posch Design is now Marc Posch + Partner Branding/Digital Marketing. A group of creatives, thinkers - and a powerful team of digital marketing experts: Hawke Media. We are known for helping emerging tech and manufacturing companies to disrupt, stand out, and grow. With our experience, deep industry expertise, and all the collaborators to make it happen, we inspire success.

We believe that to be outstanding you have to stand out. You have to have the courage to show true colors, personality, and a bold vision. Breakthroughs are never created in board rooms, and success stories never grow out of comfort zones. 

Think dangerously. Act responsibly.
FIVE KEY TRENDS (05/23) I asked ChatGPT: What are five key trends or opportunities for branding agencies to survive or thrive in that new era of AI?
In the new era of AI, branding agencies have the opportunity to adapt and thrive by capitalizing on key trends. Here are five trends and opportunities for branding agencies:
Embrace AI-powered personalization: AI allows brands to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. Branding agencies can leverage AI to create personalized messaging, targeted campaigns, and tailored brand experiences across various touchpoints. By utilizing AI algorithms and data analytics, agencies can understand customer preferences, behavior, and demographics to craft compelling and customized branding strategies.
Harness the power of data-driven insights: AI enables agencies to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and extract valuable insights. Branding agencies can utilize AI tools to gather and analyze consumer data, market trends, and competitor analysis. These insights can inform branding strategies, help identify new target audiences, and uncover untapped market opportunities, giving agencies a competitive edge.
Create AI-infused brand experiences: AI technologies like chatbots, voice assistants, and augmented reality (AR) offer exciting opportunities to enhance brand experiences. Branding agencies can help brands integrate AI technologies into customer touchpoints to provide interactive and engaging experiences. For example, agencies can create AI-powered chatbots that offer real-time customer support or develop AR applications that allow customers to experience products or services virtually.
Develop AI-powered content creation: AI can automate and streamline content creation processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. Branding agencies can explore AI tools that generate content, such as AI-driven copywriting and automated design systems. By combining human creativity with AI-generated content, agencies can scale their operations, reduce production costs, and deliver high-quality branded content faster.
Stay at the forefront of ethical AI: Ethical considerations become crucial as AI becomes more prevalent. Branding agencies have the opportunity to lead in responsible AI practices by ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in their AI-driven branding strategies. Agencies can help brands build customer trust by adopting ethical AI frameworks, addressing algorithm bias, and safeguarding consumer data privacy.
By embracing these trends and opportunities, branding agencies can leverage AI to enhance their capabilities, provide innovative solutions to clients, and thrive in the evolving landscape of branding and marketing.
THE FUTURE OF DESIGN? (03/23) A lot has happened since the beginning of this year. New AI-based applications have entered the creative realm and launched a firestorm: Dall-E, Midjourney, and, most of all, ChatGPT are in the process of changing everything we learned about the mechanics of our business practically overnight. For some, it is seen as a blessing. For others, as a curse that threatens our existence as writers and designers. It's a launch into a new world; we still need to find out where it will lead and what role we can play in this new environment. 
I find those technologies fascinating, and playing with them for a few weeks has shown me one thing: AI, as sophisticated as it may be, can only draw from what has been from the past but cannot think forward (so far). AI can do a lot of research and even handle standard procedures. Still, when it comes to creating something new, often by simply combining two or three unrelated ideas, that's when human ingenuity and experience matter. And will this ever be replaced by AI? Only the future will tell. 
GEN X (12/22) This year has given me ample time to think about our way forward as a creative agency. With the rise of 50+ consumers, it seems like a natural fit for us to focus laser-sharp on this crucial audience and help our clients connect with them. With 30+ years of experience in marketing and branding, we feel well equipped for that task and qualified to become the branding and marketing GenX-perts. If you like to learn more, contact us and request our free brochure "GenX. who Cares? We Do."
COMING IN 23 (12/22) Expect changes in the coming year. We will move things around a bit. Marc Posch + will be our new name starting in January, with a new focus on GenX marketing. Opus will take the backseat. I haven't figured out yet what to do with it. One idea is to use it for our magazine about Tech, Design + Culture, our three magical ingredients. We will see. 
MICAH ABARQUEZ (10/22) Micah is new to the Opus team. He's someone with extraordinary marketing talents: A researcher, an investigator, a guy who's dedicated and dives deep to find the content we need. With years of experience in the digital marketing field, we had to give him a unique title. Please welcome Micah Abarquez, our Marketing Magician
DIGITAL MARKETING (09/22) Many modern digital marketing firms are driven by understanding and executing the nuances of the tech that has dominated the space (SEO, CRO, etc.). Less powerful than it should be in their work is the basics of persuasion, creative, and classic CDJ*. It's enabled the modern marketing bro to leap into the field without grasping the rich foundation of economics, psychology, story, and concept. We're really missing something in the modern digital firm (at least the typical one). Many of these firms weren't drawn to the space for the love of understanding humans but rather the opportunity to master the tech and make a quick buck. They are essentially serving Google and FB and Insta and TikTok and the black hole of retargeting rather than the consumer...and their client. – David C. Baker
*A marketing super-tool, the customer decision journey (CDJ) map is used by CMOs and senior marketers to make sure their team or whole organization improves: Understanding your consumer: What customers are paying attention to during each stage from becoming aware of your brand to buying something.
FACTS (08/22) "You can't change people's minds with facts alone. This is a mistake made by many scientists. People don't think in facts but in stories. In order to change human thinking, one must be able to construct an alternate narrative.” - Yuval Noah Harari
“A good designer will help companies get where they want to go. A great designer serves and inspires where they should go.” ​​​​​​​
 was developed by IDEO in the 70s as a framework for design with a more human-centric focus. While today Design Thinking means different things to different people, we like to see it as the Right Brain component of a brand development process, as the structural and philosophical scaffolding that brings clarity to a project and allows the creation of a brand story and captivating visuals. 
CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY (07/22) The urge to innovate is a constant theme and a driving force behind our actions. Without innovation, there's no real growth. Over the years, we found there are two essential ingredients to push the envelope: It takes curiosity and creativity to explore new directions. Curiosity is the mindset that gets us out of a fear zone, the fear of change, and creativity is the tool that gives us the freedom to explore uncharted waters. In tandem, they allow us to develop ideas that lead to innovation and growth.
WHY ART MATTERS (07/22) ​​​​​​​Art permits us to enter the space called creativity. Art inspires and allows us to think like an artist, unbound from reality, to see beyond common knowledge and tradition. It takes us into the unknown, to places where we can find new solutions to old problems, opening the door to innovation and progress.
"Now, the first day of my graphic design training at Penn State University, the teacher, Lanny Sommese, came into the room, and he drew a picture of an apple on the blackboard and wrote the word apple underneath, and he said, okay - lesson one, listen up. And he covered up the picture, and he said, you either say this, and then he covered up the word, or you show this. And then he took his hand away, and you had the picture of the apple. And you had the word apple underneath, and he said......but you don't do this. Because this is treating your audience like a moron. And they deserve better." – Chipp Kidd
TALENTS (05/22)

1. Mediocre talents need a map, so they know what to do.
2. Great talents need a goal, so they can figure it out on their own.
3. Exceptional talents need to know the problem, and they will tell me what to do. 
(Hat tip to Marko Pfann)
THE SECRET OF CREATIVITY (02/22) Creativity is a tricky beast. We expect it to show up like a flash of lightning, a divine spark, and then guide us in building something new and exciting. If only it were that easy. But where does creativity come from? For me working in the Creative Industry, it's a question I've been confronted with for most of my life. How do you fill this sheet of paper with ideas when all you have is an outline of a project? How do you build something genuine from nothing? I want to share an excellent article by writing coach David Perrell. Enjoy: (Full article) ​​​​​​​
POWER OF THREE (02/22) Sometimes, you have to take a step back, pause and then move forward. Last year has given us plenty of time to think about where we want to go and how we want to present our talents. The Power of Three concept was born: A new team of three and three product offerings. More here
NEW CLIENTS (01/22) The year starts well for us. Two new clients signed up. One in the hospitality industry and one tech company, both familiar turf for us. I am very excited. And why the surf picture? We had a long kick-off meeting in Santa Monica that ended with a beautiful sunset. Maybe next time we go surfing. Ok?
"My role as a brand consultant and designer is to solve business problems through creative thinking. What makes our work different is the combination of European design sensibilities with a Westcoast vibe. It reflects my upbringing in Switzerland and Germany, my deep roots in Europe's rich and diverse history, and the influences from my adopted hometown, Los Angeles, with its vibrant creative energy. Call it a blend of Bauhaus DNA with a California spirit; it keeps our work structured and meaningful and adds creative fire to craft brand stories and visuals that help our clients innovate and grow. And with a new focus on 50+ resp. GenX consumers, we see this as an exciting way forward." – Marc Posch
INTERVIEW (09/21) Curiosity and a forward-looking attitude are what drives us, not just successes of the past. We create the world we want to live in. His office created branding and design concepts and served over 300 technology companies such as Apple Germany and BMW and numerous start-ups in the world of European and US commerce. Based in Downtown Los Angeles since 2010, the Opus Creative Group​​​​​​​ (formerly Marc Posch Design) continues to thrive through the collaborative energy of a dedicated team of talents under Marc’s leadership. MORE
BUSINESS IDENTITY (08/21) You may know us for designing Brand Identities. We've done this for years. Sometimes we called it Corporate Identity. Hell, why not. But lately, I have had second thoughts. The word "corporate" seems to come with a sour aftertaste today. It often stands for giant, faceless, soulless constructs that care more about shareholder values than customers or employees. From now on, I want to call what we do Business Identity. While this seems like a minor semantic issue, I hope it resonates with the right business owners: people with a sense of fair, care, and share. You are our audience. Welcome!
NEW PARADIGM (07/21) The new paradigm is branding as the brain and digital marketing as the executive behind sustainable growth. Opus Creative Group: Visionary ideas welcome.
MISSION STATEMENT (06/21) We work with leaders, rebels, and visionaries in the technology and manufacturing sectors to create better products, inspire better processes and bring clarity to their message, all of which lead to better performance.
We advocate for design with a broader impact than just creating pretty things instead of embracing the call for NetZero, which is more relevant than ever. We believe that we can only achieve economic success in harmony with the demands for living and growing in ways that support the well-being of all people and the environment. We measure success by the positive impact we have on others.
VENDOR/PARTNERS (05/21) I believe when we treat the people we work with like vendors, we get what we ask for, but not more. However, if we treat them as partners, we get ideas and suggestions beyond the scope of work. This is how I see the relationship with our clients, and it's what they expect from us.
CREATING a logo is almost like creating a sculpture. You start with a block of marble and then chip everything away that is unnecessary. A logo does not need to represent the product or functionality; that's often a given. Otherwise, Mercedes would have an engine in their logo, and Nike a running shoe. A logo is a marker; it stands for something that goes deeper. It represents a value, something a consumer can or wants to identify with. And you only get there by chipping away at what's irrelevant or confusing until you find the core. – Marc Posch
DESIGN/CREATE (03/21) An observation: When I mention Design, most people feel insecure as if I'm talking about some mysterious Turn-Lead-Into-Gold process. However, when I talk about Creating something, their eyes light up. That's when people feel they can be involved and contribute to the process. Magical. Let's create something - together:  Contact us
AWARD The British Ad World Masters seem to like what we do. What an honor. A big Thank you across the pond for the prestigious award.  Contact us
THE IDEAL CLIENT (03/21) Our sweet spot is working in the areas where tomorrow’s problems and tomorrow’s solutions vie with each other for primacy, where technologies, culture, and ideas are created that will shape our world, from renewable energy, New Mobility, AI to intelligent materials. We love to work with people who invent a better future, business owners who break molds, and visionaries driven by passion and a purpose. Is that you? Then we would like to meet you.  Contact us
SIMPLICITY PROMOTES CLARITY (02/2021) Products can be complex. Design needs to be simple. This is what guides us. Not by creating complex things, but by making complex things understandable. Design as a noun is invisible. It's a quality that works in the background and is intangible. On the other hand, design is a craft that helps us understand functions, recognize patterns, and follow a message. The simpler or minimalist the designed result is, the better it can stand out in a crowded environment. Simplicity promotes clarity. We design logos (like the one above) and visual identities to accomplish that. It's what we are passionate about. Quite simple, isn't it? Contact us
“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” - C.G. Jung
INTERVIEW wITH STARTUP.INFO, PARIS (12/2020) "Think Dangerously, Act Responsibly, Says Opus Creative Group’s Marc Posch". Full article
OPUS VISION 2021 (11/2020) Instead of driving around in circles on a cul-de-sac, we thrive on being a team whose spirit of creativity and social responsibility invites and inspires people to work with us. Curiosity and a forward-looking attitude drive us, not just successes of the past. We create the world we want to live in. We are Opus Creative Group. Think dangerously. Act responsibly. Contact us
FEATURED ON DESIGN RUSH. We are excited to be featured on as one of the Top Branding Agencies of 2020:  Click here ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
NEW CLIENT IN THEN EV CHARGING SECTOR Opus LA signed a new client in the EV Charging sector. It’s a market that will explode in the next couple of years. We are excited to be the branding and marketing partner of one of the hottest start-ups. Stay tuned. More to come. Think dangerously. Act responsibly.
Every Act of Design is an Act of Future-making. The powerful can use design for short-term gains, quick answers, and superficial changes. Who’s affected today, and who’s affected tomorrow? To discuss how design shapes the future, you must always ask: who’s the future? Full article:  Click here ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
EMPATHY/CREATIVITY (08/2020) Empathy is behind the philosophy of our creative agency and works best in tandem with Creativity: Empathy opens the door to understanding a problem, Creativity is the path towards a solution. MORE
TRUST AND SUCCESS (08/2020) "There is a formula for business success, and it goes like this: You set out to find the very best talent in the marketplace, and then give them a compelling and inspirational vision of what you want them to achieve for you and the company. Then you empower them to achieve those goals using their skills and talents in any way they choose. If, at the same time, you demonstrate how enormously you value them, not just through compensation but also verbally, every single day, and if you enable that talent to share in the profit they help create for you, you’ll be successful. It’s so simple, and virtually nobody does it because it requires a high-trust working environment, and most business environments are low-trust. To own the future of your business, you have to design it around trust." – Cindy Gallop
DECORATOR OR AGENT OF CHANGE? (08/2020) Design can camouflage a problem, or it can trigger change. When done right, design can be a powerful agent of transformation, the visual representation of a solution. We often see that people only use a fraction of its potential, only use it or regard it as a tool for decorating: 'We need new packaging, we need a new website. The other problem is that many designers are more concerned with the aesthetics of a job than its impact. We talk about fonts, colors, photography, catchy headlines, and all the ingredients that create beautiful products. Still, unless we discuss with the client what design is supposed to achieve, all we create are - shiny objects. My ideal client is the one I can have an honest discussion with about what problems he or she is facing and how we as creatives can help turn the ship around. Creative ideas and beautiful visuals are essential, but it also takes empathy and vision to drive innovation, to be an agent of change. Interested in having a conversation? Email me
VIDEO PRODUCTION. (07/2020) Great video shoot with the outstanding actor and friend Cameron Gilliam. Cameron has also worked with us as a writer. He's a man with many talents and always a pleasure to have on the team. This cross-generational collaboration also shows that we can all learn from each other. Now I'm super excited about the video, which is currently in post-production. More coming soon.
HELLO MEXICO CITY. (07/2020) As a creative firm, we are only as good as the people we engage with. Lately, we have been working with an amazing illustrator from Mexico City, Vago, who designs fantastic 3D renderings. Vago is currently creating a series of characters for us for a project targeting veterinarians, so stay tuned. It’s going to be awesome. To see more of Vago’s work click here
a global village. (07/2020) I'm often amazed how work has changed, not just since the pandemic. Even though our core group works in Los Angeles, we often talk with clients or partners in Europe or the East Coast, send job orders to Argentina or Nigeria, and discuss ideas with creatives in Mexico. Everything is just an email or a Zoom call away today. Our world has become a global village. Contact us
EMigre. (05/2020) One of my favorite design magazines from the 90s is back online: Emigre, a trendsetter in design and typography and very influential (at least for me) in the early days of computational design when things were still very raw and experimental. Seeing that design trends always come and go in circles (is it time to kiss Midcentury sleekness goodbye for a while?), maybe it's time for a rebound of this type of visual thinking. Exciting.  Check out the Letterform Archive
MURAL CONCEPT. (05/2020) Always keep your proposals. Sometimes a design that gets rejected gains new momentum a few years later. This mural concept here got us a new client who was looking for creative ways to spice up an otherwise dry manufacturing business. This could become a landmark! Very excited. Contact us
MEET ANDY. (05/2020) Our newest team member: Andy, 6 years old. He's our secret weapon when exploring a key message with our clients. Don't worry, Andy is a virtual character taken from the archive. (No kids were harmed!) We use the Andy avatar to have our clients explain what they do. Seems simple? Then try to explain a 6 year old what your business is about. You'll be surprised. Contact us
OPUS PULSE LIVE. (04/2020) We just launched a new medium: Opus Pulse, a blog/digital magazine about business matters, branding trends, and digital marketing - all the things we find exciting. Check us out at
Leolo IT campaign
NEW CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED. (04/2020) We just finished a new website and Linkedin campaign for our client, Leolo IT, a software company from Germany (in partnership with IBM). The company wanted to present new products and services related to AI/climate research, Quantum based data security, and IBM Watson-based sports applications. It was also an incredible collaboration between a tech expert/writer in Lagos/Nigeria, our copy editor in London, our WordPress developer in Los Angeles - and the client in Munich/Germany. And all this under lockdown and within four weeks turnaround. That’s how we roll!​​​​​​​ Contact us
MOODBOARD. (04/2020) A few motifs we have been using in a current campaign for a software company. I like the juxtaposition of abstract and real-life scenes.
Engineers solve problems. Business strategists think in pie charts. Designers want things to be elegant and functional. All three need to create collaboration and synergy, honoring the talent and value each other brings to the game. Today’s challenges require a new kind of multi-dimensional approach to solving problems.​​​​​​​ – Marc Posch
SELF-ISOLATION. (03/2020) Prophet Muhammad received the first revelations of the Qur’an while alone in a cave on Mount Hira. Jesus traveled alone into the desert, defeated Satan, and then returned to start his ministry. Remarkable things have happened in self-isolation. Let's see what grows out of the situation we're in right now. What are you working on?
Beach with pebbles
AT THE END OF THE DAY. (03/2020) A positive mindset is what gets us through the day. We should always take a moment to calibrate, even in the midst of a storm. Here five questions to ask yourself: 
#1: What was the best part about your day?
#2: What work was most exciting you this week?
#3: What new ideas are giving you energy lately?
#4: What's the one thing you’ve learned recently that inspired you.
#5: What is the one thing you could do right now to make tomorrow even better?

"I worship at the altar of intention and obstacle. Somebody wants something, and something is standing in their way of getting it. They want the money; they want the girl; they want to get to Philadelphia. Then the obstacle to that has to be formidable, and the tactics they use to overcome that obstacle are what shows us the character.” – Aaron Sorkin (NY Times Interview)
MASTERY. (03/2020) "Mastery is the ability to understand and command an idea or project. It is the alchemic and skillful magic of transforming chaos into order and usefulness and control. It is the clarity of vision and purpose to see though the foglands of the unknown and comprehend and chart a roadmap for others to follow." – Philip Folsom, WolfTribe
HAPPY FRIDAY. (03/2020) More and more clients in the tech and manufacturing sectors find us. Working in that area is definitely our sweet spot. Recently a company that manufactures computer screens invited us to come on board for a comprehensive brand refresh, and now the contract is signed. Very excited. Enjoy your weekend. 
“A fixed mindset is focused on proving oneself while a growth mindset is all about improving oneself." – Carol Dweck, Psychologist, author of “Mindset”
REMARKABLE. (02/2020) "I used to say that brands are made up of two things. Primarily there are two questions that have to be asked to create a successful brand. And one’s an internally facing question, which is, who are you? which is about authenticity and who you really are and what you stand for. And then there’s an outwardly facing question. That’s the second question, which is, where are you going? Which is how are you relevant and congruent, to the larger world, to your audience, to your community, to the marketplace.
One’s about authenticity and one’s about relevance. I don’t believe that anymore. I think you still have to be deeply authentic and understand exactly who you are. What role do you want to play in the world, what do you believe, what do you believe the future should be like and, and what can you do to build that? Those are all internally facing questions, but I don’t think relevance is relevant any more. I think you have to be extraordinary.
There’s a survey, a fairly robust one. It was done by a global agency. They did a global survey and said if 90% of the world’s brands disappeared, no one would really care.
So if you’re not somehow provocative or interesting or sexy or curious, the kind of work that you create doesn’t provoke people or inspire them or delight them in some uncommon way, then you’re invisible.
The way we look at it now, a brand has to be both authentic and true to who it is, but it has to be insanely inspiring, insanely interesting and remarkable. So if you’re not remarkable, you’re ignored. And so what we try to do with all of our clients is create something that’s remarkable.” (Brian Collins > LINK )
Paul Rand
“To design is much more than simply assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse.” – Paul Rand, Artist and Architect
NEW PROJECT. (02/2020) Naming and brand identity development for a 503B compounding pharmaceutical company...  More here
WORDS TO START THE DAY WITH. (02/20) "There is no insurmountable solitude. All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are. And we must pass through solitude and difficulty, isolation and silence in order to reach forth to the enchanted place where we can dance our clumsy dance and sing our sorrowful song — but in this dance or in this song there are fulfilled the most ancient rites of our conscience in the awareness of being human and of believing in a common destiny..." Pablo Neruda at his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
OPUS - A NEW VISION. (02/2020) Opus is not just another creative agency - it's the result of an evolutionary process. It's the essence of 30 years of experience, and yet, it's a pivot, set on course to become more aspirational. We are already involved in projects around AI, New Mobility and carbon initiatives. Our old company (which was dissolved last year) often kept me from doing what we do best: thinking, consulting and creating. That's what our clients hire me/us for. So bear with me while Opus is evolving into something special. Or join us. Interested? Contact me
Opus team
"From my perspective, we all carry creativity in us, but most of us just can't access it because it's hidden somewhere deep inside. Everyone sees, everyone hears, everyone feels. But not everyone gets it translated into a language. The freer you become - no matter how it happens - the wider your perspective becomes." (Interview with Peter Lindbergh, Der Spiegel)​​​​​​​
HAPPY NEW YEAR. (12/2019) With the year coming to an end we look forward to 2020. While the future is always difficult to predict and often influenced by negative stories that trigger fear, we want to welcome the new year with "Optimismus", German for optimism. Optimism is the engine behind our basic principle "We are what we create". If we approach things with optimism, then we are able to ignore doom and gloom, and rather approach challenges as opportunities in need for solutions. Have a Happy New Year!
Banner "Optimismus"
CBD PROJECT. (11/2019) Amazing project, amazing people. Phase 1 (brand identity, website) finished. More coming soon. Follow us on Twitter
Brand identity Kavana Health, designed by Marc Posch
STARTUPS. (11/2019) "The best startups I’ve either worked with or admired from afar have been restless challengers. Status quo averse. And driven by a sense of urgency. They’re not lucky, they’re different. I believe a graphic distillation that captures that difference with a really great copy line is really important." – David C. Baker
NEW TECH CLIENT SIGNED. (09/2019) Working with international clients is something we are very familiar with. In 2018 we were hired by an international organization with their HQ in Paris to develop a global strategy for their 100+ offices. This week we signed with a tech company based in Glasgow, with offices in the US and Dubai. More soon or follow us on Twitter
NEW RESTAURANT PROJECT. (09/2019) It is always an honor when clients return with a new project. This entrepreneur from Munich came back after 30 years! He was one of my first clients and I helped him and his partners create a brand identity for what at that time was a small but beautiful bar and restaurant: Julep's. Over the years that small place has become a multi-million Euro franchise restaurant chain spread across Europe. More here. We are now working on the next success story. More soon or follow us on Twitter
Julep's logo and menu,  designed by Marc Posch
THE NEXT chapter. (01/2019) At the beginning of the year we've introduced a new name and rolled out a concept that has been in the making for some time: Opus Creative Group. And it's not just a new name for Marc Posch Design, it's also a new approach to collaborate on a broader scale with our friends, partners - and of course with our clients. 
As individuals and small teams we can only do so much to help our clients, especially when dealing with international projects. Small steps, small impact. But as a well calibrated group of experienced writers, strategists and creatives, with partners on various continents, with deep understanding of cultural sensibilities, we can really add firepower to what we do, not just patching things up here and there, but providing solutions with impact. One is a story, two is a team, three can start a movement. More soon or follow us on Twitter​​​​​​​
Opus Banner
Opus CREATIVE GROUP. A new name for Marc Posch Design. A new chapter. The journey continues. Contact: 213-446-7986 or click​​​​​​​
The age of Digital Transformation. Today's business challenges don't ask for pretty design, cool websites or smart tag lines. We're in the age of Digital Transformation now. With a redefined need for learning, understanding, and problem-solving. We help emerging start-ups to get up, and established companies to evolve and move with the times. Changes happen at break-neck speed today, whether we like it or not. This is where collaborative efforts are most successful: Understanding the problems a company is facing, and providing creative solutions, from defining a brand story and translating it into powerful messages to designing beautiful visuals that touch people's hearts and impact their minds. It's the duality Empathy/Creativity that defines our thinking and our work.
Taxonomy of Digital Transformation
Opus CREATIVE GROUP: We help turn tech and manufacturing companies into brands. Contact: 213-446-7986 or click
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