While digital branding and web development are at the core of what we do, print can still play an essential role in the marketing mix. Sometimes, when packaging is needed or a company brochure, it's the star of the show. Below is a selection of ads, book covers, and catalogs we have created in the past couple of years. Isn't it nice to touch uncoated stock once in a while?
Investor Presentation. "On the wings of Innovation", Client: A,S,M, Munich
Fashion Catalog. Client: PASH Sportswear, Munich
Information Development World | Ads, Tradeshow banner 
Softlab AG, Munich | Award-winning campaign for German software start-up company Softlab AG. The campaign became so successful that the company was eventually taken over by BMW AG.
LAMA College For Music Professionals | Brand identity and marketing material for a private music college in Los Angeles. 
Amauri USA | Catalog for Korean patio umbrella manufacturer
PETSGUIDE | Concept for magazine covers
Investor Presentation. Client: SILVERbac Technologies, Glasgow/Dubai. SILVERbac has developed a revolutionary product that allows fusing silver particles into the fiber polymer for various uses, from textiles to home products.
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