Product Branding: Nutritional Supplements

Product branding/packaging concepts for nutritional supplements

The owner of Seixa Nutraceuticals, a veteran in the fitness industry, approached us with a unique nutritional concept. The Seixa Muscle Plan System is a carefully balanced set of supplements for fitness buffs to improve stamina, muscle gain, and helps cut recovery time. We defined the line of products first, a clean, bold and dynamic set of labels and containers, then the corresponding e-commerce website as both the company homepage and as a virtual store front. From there, marketing measures were added that are ongoing. 
Having helped many entrepreneurs in the health sector defining their vision, creating products and launching brands, is always an exciting journey and something that never gets old. If you have a  concept and would like to talk with us, just give us a call. We love it when ideas become success stories. Let’s do this  213.341.164. 
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